Online Video Editor Studio: detailed features overview

Online Video Editor Studio: detailed features overview

This page contains a detailed description of most features currently available in Online Video Editor Studio. While most of these features can be used or tested with a Free Online Video Editor account, our different subscription plans fully unlock the features you’re interested in. Have a look at the pricing table to check which features are included in each subscription plan.

This page contains a detailed description of most features currently available in Online Video Editor Studio. While most of these features can be used or tested with a Free Online Video Editor account, our different subscription plans fully unlock the features you’re interested in. Have a look at the pricing table to check which features are included in each subscription plan.

1. Video creation and editing

Browser based, drag-and-drop video creation

Online Video Editor Studio is a powerful, cloud-based video editor that works within your web browser. There is no need for software or plugin installation, and you never have to update your application. Access and edit your video projects from any computer at home, work or school, any time.

Upload your own images, sounds and videos

To create your videos with Online Video Editor Studio, you can either use the built-in media libraries or use any photo, screenshot, illustration, sound, voice recording or footage you have on your computer, smartphone or other devices. Upload them via your browser or via the Online Video Editor app on your smartphone or tablet.

Use over 1.3 million free media objects

Online Video Editor Studio comes with a large library of images, sounds, music and stock videos you can use to create new video content. All these media objects are both free to use (no need to pay extra) as well as royalty-free: you don’t have to worry about copyright when you use these pictures, music or videos as part of website videos, commercial tutorials or YouTube videos.

75 million additional media to try and purchase

On top of the standard media libraries available in Online Video Editor Studio, you can also search the immense iStock library of Getty Images, which contains an additional 75 million royalty free stock images and videos. You can purchase these objects item-per-item at highly discounted prices. You only have to decide at the end: first create your video with these media objects, and only complete the payment when you really like it.

Create videos in any style

With Online Video Editor Studio, you can create videos in any style: whiteboard videos with hands drawing and writing, cartoon style videos, documentary style footage-based videos, animated illustrations, or a mix of styles. Companies, large organizations or brands can also create videos in their own brand style.

Create videos in any shape

Whether you prefer a standard horizontal 16:9 video for YouTube or a television screen, or a square or vertical video for your social media posts: Online Video Editor Studio lets you create videos in a variety of horizontal or vertical shapes. You can easily duplicate a video project, change its format and rapidly adjust the content to the new dimensions.

Add animations and transitions

Any visual object you use in your video – image, text or video – can be animated independently, including popular animation effects like fade, fly, wipe, bounce, move, zoom, rotate… and many more! Even hand animations with different hand types are available. Online Video Editor Studio also contains many transparent motion graphics you can use as transition effects or television-style lower-third banners.

Do amazing things with video objects

Whether you use your own video recordings, stock footage or existing videos, Online Video Editor Studio allows you to mix and edit them in many creative ways. From simple operations such as splitting or trimming a video, to resizing, rotating, cropping, changing volume level: it’s all possible. Speed up a video or make it slow motion, play with opacity, mix transparent videos, build a mosaic of videos, loop a video object or pause it…

Add music, sounds and voice

Add one or multiple sound tracks to your video: voice-over, background music, supporting sounds… You can use as many parallel sound tracks as you want and control their volume level, apply fade-in/out effects, split sounds… Record your own voice or use the Text-to-Speech feature. And choose royalty-free background music or special sounds from more than 100,000 free audio tracks.

Convert text to voice-over

Enter your written text and convert it to voice-over with the click of a button. Choose from over 20 languages and from multiple voices per language. Our Text-to-Speech (TTS) service uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesize natural sounding human speech.

Add text and animate it

Add text objects to your video and animate them the way you like. Choose from a long list of standard fonts or have your own organization’s fonts installed. Make your text objects appear or disappear with a variety of animation effects: from a simple fade, fly or wipe in/out to the more advanced hand writing, typewriter or bouncing effects.

Record your webcam or your screen

Record yourself or your screen to make your explainer or tutorial videos more attractive. Your screen or camera recordings become video objects you can treat like other footage: you can resize, split, crop, animate, combine them with other parallel videos, add music or voice and overlay them with other visual objects (illustrations, arrows, text) to enrich the viewer experience.

Remove a color from images or videos

Make the background of a picture or video transparent, so you can put the front object(s) against a different background – a technique also known as chromakey. Remove a green screen or other color from any uploaded image or footage, or from any of our many stock videos with green screen areas.

Add subtitles to your videos

Add subtitles (or closed captions) to your video and easily synchronize them with your content. Choose any font you like and apply a (transparent) subtitle background color if appropriate. Export your subtitles as standard .srt or .csv files or import subtitle files with the same format.

Group content into Clips

Easily structure your animated objects in a group or a scene – we call these “Clips“. You can move Clips, copy and paste them, and even save them for later reuse. As such, Clips can serve as mini-templates to quickly build new video content. You can also kickstart your video creation using the ready-made Clips available in the different object libraries.

2. Video sharing, downloading and publishing – exporting

Download your videos

When your video is ready, you can download it in a choice of MP4 resolutions:

  • Standard Definition quality (SD 480p)
  • High Definition HD Ready (HD 720p)
  • High Definition Full HD (HD 1080p).

Publish directly to video hosting sites

If the destination of you video is your channel on YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, you can publish your video directly from your Online Video Editor account to your personal channel on these video hosting sites.

Publish your videos on your Personal Gallery page

You can publish your video to the Online Video Editor User Gallery, share its link with your audience or embed it from there. You have your own public Personal Gallery page, enabling your visitors to view or embed your content, and even use your projects as a template for their own content. You can also keep your video hidden from the Gallery and limit your audience to people who know the link.

Share your video projects with other users

Every Online Video Editor project can be shared with other Online Video Editor users, who can either view, copy or even edit your project, depending on the right you give them. With the View right, the other user can only watch your video. The Copy right gives a user the possibility to copy your project and use it as a template for a new project. And with the Edit right, the other user can make changes to your video project or add new content to it.

Use your videos as presentations

A Online Video Editor video project can be used as in a presentation format by adding predefined pause points to the video. Just put your video – or a copy of it – in Presentation Mode. At playback, your video will automatically pause at these pause points, giving you a “slide-like” pause view with impressive animated transitions in between.

3. Templates

Choose a template and modify what you want

Online Video Editor comes with a growing collection of templates in a variety of styles, content structures and about different types of subjects. No need to start your own video project from scratch. Copy a template, add or delete parts, and modify whatever you want: text, fonts, colors, background, music, images, footage…

Create personal templates

Aside from the general templates provided by Online Video Editor, you can also create your own templates. Any Online Video Editor project you create can be saved as a template. You can also copy an existing template, modify it and save that as your own personal version of the template.

Share templates within a user group

Any group of users (companies, organizations, classes…) can have its own set of shared group templates that are only visible and available to members of the group. Templates about recurring topics, brand-aligned templates or typical video structures can be handy for new, consistent video creation by group members.

Adapt templates using web forms

While templates can be used as a basis for new video projects and edited with Online Video Editor Studio, it is also possible to modify them via a web form using the Quick Edit option. Text objects, images and footage can be defined as objects replaceable via the form. Very convenient if you need to make a series of videos that are similar in structure but slightly different per item, for example personalized videos, product videos, video ads…

4. Users and groups

Manage users in a group

Online Video Editor users can be organized in groups, for example when they are part of a company, organization or class. A group can have common media libraries, fonts, colors and templates. A group also has a designated Group Admin, who can add and delete users, reassign subscriptions and view usage statistics.

Share media in group libraries

A group of users can have one or more shared group libraries. Every group library can contain images, sounds, videos and Online Video Editor Clips. The Group Admin can manage these libraries and add or remove media objects.

Collaborate on video projects

Video projects created with Online Video Editor can be shared between users, enabling group users to collaborate on projects. A user can share a project with one or multiple users in the group and give these users a right, to either view, copy or edit the project.

Share videos in Group Galleries

A Group Gallery is a shared space to which group members can publish their Online Video Editor videos to, for others to view or use as a template. Group Galleries can be public to external web visitors or private, accessible only by members of the group.

Reassign subscriptions to other users

While subscriptions purchased via the Online Video Editor website are individual and unique to the subscriber, certain subscription plans – for example the Enterprise bundle – include “floating subscriptions”. This means that a subscription of a user can be reassigned to another user by the Group Admin, for example when a user changes role or leaves the organization.

5. Integrations and customizations

Ensure brand compliance in video creation

Online Video Editor enables internal and external staff across the organization to create videos. If it is important that these videos are in line with the organization’s brand, Online Video Editor Studio can be configured to achieve the best brand-compliant results: your brand’s colors and fonts can be installed and your brand asset libraries can be added – only accessible by users of your organization.

Integrate your DAM assets

If your company or organization has a cloud-based DAM (Digital Asset Management) server containing your own collection of internal media assets, it can be directly connected to Online Video Editor. This way, users can immediately use the organization’s own digital assets (photos, icons, illustrations, videos, music, sounds) and create new video content using these objects.

Connect your cloud drive

You can upload media (images, sounds, videos) from your computer’s disk to Online Video Editor Studio. If you are using a cloud drive such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box, you can easily connect and access these via Online Video Editor Studio to upload your media assets.

Have your own selection of features

Online Video Editor Studio contains a constantly growing list of features and media libraries, enabling users to create new videos in many creative ways and export their creations where they want. Some organizations prefer to limit certain features or libraries to comply with internal policies, workflows or brand requirements. Online Video Editor can customize or hide a selection of features to meet these expectations.

Have your own white labeled version of Online Video Editor

Online Video Editor can be fully customized to a white labeled version with different colors, fonts, a selection of libraries and features to become an organization’s own internal video tool. Even the Online Video Editor logos, web and mail domains can be hidden and replaced by yours. Contact us to discuss your organization’s expectations.

Test almost all features with the Free account