OnlineVideoEditor Group Galleries

You can sign up on OnlineVideoEditor and subscribe as an individual user, but you can also order a group subscription. A OnlineVideoEditor group consists of a number of users who are part or member of the same organization, company, class, school… As a OnlineVideoEditor group, you can benefit from group settings (fonts, colors, logo…), and share video templates, media libraries and Group Galleries.

A Group Gallery is a shared space that all group members can publish their OnlineVideoEditor videos to. It is a group channel on the OnlineVideoEditor platform similar to, for example, a YouTube channel, but containing published OnlineVideoEditor video projects.

A OnlineVideoEditor Group Gallery can be public or private: the gallery can either be publicly accessible by web visitors – just like the public OnlineVideoEditor User Gallery – or be restricted and visible only to the members of the group.

OnlineVideoEditor Group Galleries

Create internal or external OnlineVideoEditor Galleries for your company or organization’s OnlineVideoEditor users, employees, customers or partners. Offer them OnlineVideoEditor videos they can either view, embed or even use as a template for their own OnlineVideoEditor projects.

Group Galleries for business users are available as part of the Enterprise plan.

OnlineVideoEditor Group Galleries

Create OnlineVideoEditor Galleries for your class or school, either as an internal space for sharing class videos or a public set of educational videos others can use as a template. A OnlineVideoEditor Group Gallery is excellent for class assignments or flipped learning.

Group Galleries for education users are available as part of the Edu Class plans.

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