7 ways video has transformed the recruitment process

In the last couple of years, video content has become a dominating force in many different industries. With the popularity of videos growing every day, more and more recruiters, hiring services, and employers are incorporating video into the recruitment process. Using videos in hiring has become so popular that it’s a leading trend now.

The reasons to use video in your recruiting process are many. They help you present your brand in a compelling and attention-grabbing way. You will attract more candidates and capture their attention, enhance the user experience, and increase your application rate.Employers use video to enhance every stage of the candidate journey, as videos:

  • Raise candidate awareness
  • Put your brand into candidates’ consideration
  • Increase their interest in your brand
  • Increase application rates
  • Narrow down the selection
  • Lead to hiring

By using video, an employer can present the value proposition and brand message to an employee, do the interviews, test job applicants, express appreciation, and explain the entire hiring process. To get started you can explore how to create your own video, approach a company that can assist you, or alternatively use a ready made recruitment video template.

Seven ways video has revolutionized the recruitment process

Aside from offering a steady job and regular payment, employees are expected to use the latest technologies in their daily operations and workplaces. Most employees expect their future employers to be up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology.

Video is one of the best tools for companies to discover and recruit top talent. It’s effective in attracting talent, and it allows companies to connect and learn about their candidates.

In other words, every company that needs to increase their chances of recruiting top talent will use video to make the most of their recruiting efforts. Here’s how video can transform your recruitment process.

1) Increases your employer brand

Your brand is the first thing employees, candidates, and applicants see when you as an employer approach them. It’s how you present yourself in the real and digital world. Videos are a great way to establish, develop, and strengthen your brand. Eventually, this is what gives your company a personality that your potential candidates can relate to when applying.

Word of mouth is still the most powerful tool, but videos provide other aspects like eagerness and passion that are very useful for a company that is looking to attract top talent. Displaying a positive brand image is how a company promotes its culture, policies, services, and products, but most importantly, it gives your company the much-needed authenticity.

2) Video helps reach new audiences

According to a recent study, 63% of companies use video in their recruiting process. The key to attracting the most talented candidates is in identifying and effectively engaging with them. In fact, identifying the best candidates is an advantage that your company can use to beat competition.

Videos are a useful interview tool that allows you to reach out to your candidates engagingly, regardless of their location. What’s more, videos further enable you to efficiently assess your candidates promptly.

3) Video interviews help reduce recruitment costs

The hiring process is one of the main cornerstones of your success. It’s a foundation upon which you build your business. Since this can be a very costly process, you need a way to cut costs and still hire the best candidates.

A video interview saves time and reduces recruitment cost, thus improving your candidate screening. You can significantly reduce recruiting costs by using pre-recorded video interviews that:

  • Save time for recruiters
  • Eliminate some administrative costs such as phone calls and travel costs

4) Speeds up the screening process

Since traditional recruiting is a time-consuming and exhausting process, you need a way to speed things up. Reviewing each application would take forever, but modern technology can help.

Nowadays, almost all candidates are mobile and online. That means that you can use video to standardize the candidate screening process by streamlining it. This can significantly speed up and narrow down candidate selection.

5) Eliminates geographical barriers

Traditional recruiting used to limit you to only hiring candidates near your location, but this geographical barrier can be easily eliminated. Video helps you widen your candidate pool by giving you access to every part of the world.

Better yet, your candidates do not have to travel for an interview, which can save them a lot of money on commuting costs. Instead, they can do an interview from the comfort of their homes. This makes a good first impression, helps to connect with potential talent, and allows you to eliminate travel costs.

Video recorded interviews are much easier to manage and are quite economical at the same time. Aside from reducing all costs related to the recruitment process and eliminating the geographical barrier, video-recorded interviews also save time that it would take to do interviews with multiple candidates.

6) Video helps reach out on mobile

Many mobile and internet users are looking for effective ways to look beyond traditional career and application websites and processes, as new ways offer new opportunities. Believe it or not, 80% of internet users search the net by smartphones.

While mobile hiring is still an HR strategy in the making, it’s expected to become the core of the recruitment process. This core will become the standard for numerous companies who are after top talent to fill their ranks. That’s precisely where video comes into play.

It gives you a means that you can leverage in mobile searches. It’s also quite an effective tool that helps you use innovative technologies such as gamification and social video to enhance your hiring process, make it more appealing, and adjust it to the current hiring trends.

7) Video helps stay competitive

Going with the trends and using the latest technology is the only way to stay competitive and avoid getting overshadowed by other companies that are open to taking such steps. Staying competitive means staying popular, and popular brands do not have to spend much time looking out for their ideal candidate.

Video not only helps you identify the best candidates but also helps you grab the attention of top candidates. According to a study, companies that used video in their recruitment process received much better feedback from potential candidates than those that didn’t.

It’s clear that video allows you to increase the application rate by 34%. When compared to those companies that still fail to integrate video into their hiring strategies, you’re being highly competitive.

How to create a recruitment video?

Creating a professional recruitment video doesn’t have to be hard work. With tools such as Online Video Editor you can get started within minutes. No experience in video editing necessary!

You don’t even need to own your video content, simply choose the right images, sounds and videos from Online Video Editor’s free libraries and add them to your video. You can even add some cool animation effects to help grab candidate’s attention. Or else to get some inspiration, choose one of the recruitment video templates and get started straight away customizing a video to your needs.

Templates include:

  • candidate profile videos
  • video job descriptions
  • video testimonials


If we consider all these facts, it’s safe to say that there are many ways video can transform your recruitment process. The truth is, video helps you enhance the user experience for candidates and encourages referrals and sharing.

It provides universal search benefits and is SEO-friendly while also helping you expand your search to every corner of the planet. It reduces the time and cost it takes to process every application and enables you to convey the brand message to the right audience in a compelling way.

Easily make your own recruitment videos