4 awesome animation tips to impress your school teacher

IWhether you are attending a university lecture or sitting in a classroom of 20 students, you want to make sure you stand out and impress your teacher.

But how do you impress your teacher without going over and above the recommended efforts? It’s simple. Animation!

That said, isn’t the process of creating animations incredibly time-consuming and expensive? Not only are animations extremely enjoyable to create, but it can be done for FREE using the right video animation maker.

Free video animation maker

Before we go into the different type of tips on how to impress your teacher, we thought we would start this blog off with arguably the most valuable tip of them all: What animation program to use.

OnlineVideoEditor is a video animation maker that will help you create your beautiful animated video presentation and share them with your class. Did we mention it is free too? Yep, sign up for your free account and get started on your video animations right away.

That’s the easy bit done. Now time for the creative bit. Here are our top 4 tips that will surely help impress your teacher with video animation.

1. Choose an animation style

The first thing to decide on is the animation style for your presentation or video. As an animation platform, we know how difficult it can be to choose an animation style. Do you go with the fun Doodle Marker Style? Or perhaps the more formal Infographic style?

Decisions. Decisions.

Every animation style has their unique qualities. The style you choose depends on the nature of your video and the way you want to present. On OnlineVideoEditor, you have the choice of the following animated libraries:

The Doodle Marker animation library

For the longest time, storytelling was the main way of communication, and it’s still highly effective nowadays. Let’s be honest, nobody can resist a well-told story. To be successful in your storytelling, stay focused on your audience and their needs rather than your product features. It will help your audience to immerse in the story that’s being told in front of their eyes.

Use your audience’s emotions in your favor!

The Doodle Marker animation library

OnlineVideoEditor’s Doodle Marker graphic style is a free animation library, popular amongst many businesses looking to create an animated explainer video.

The Infographic style animation library

The Infographic style is another one of OnlineVideoEditor’s free animation libraries, perfect to help explain complex topics and ideas in a more formal manner.

The Storyblocks library

With over 1.3 million free media objects, the Storyblocks library provides all you need to illustrate your creative stories with plenty of images, illustrations, footage, motion graphics, animated backgrounds and much more.

One important tip to remember, try to stick as much as possible with one style throughout your video. Your finished video will end up looking great if a consistent style is kept.

2. Add music to your video

Music is fun, it’s creative and can have a dramatic effect on your video. Having music (or even sounds) in your video can help put a smile on your teacher’s face.

Our top tip for choosing the right song is to try set the mood. How do you want your teacher and schoolmates to feel after watching your animated video? Happy? Sad? The free Storyblocks library in OnlineVideoEditor contains tons of royalty free music tracks available to use in your video. Use them to your advantage.

3. Science: Use animated assets

It’s time to really WOW your teacher. You need to make use of great and exciting animations.Here is how to access loads of pre-made animated assets:

From objects to people, you will surely find an asset that you need in the OnlineVideoEditor libraries! All you need to do is then drag and drop any object from a Library to the Stage. Just like we mentioned earlier, try to stick with one style of animations. Whether they are part of the Infographics Library or Doodle Marker Style Library, using a consistent style will help give a more professional look.

Now that you have some objects, it’s time to bring your animations to life. In your Timeline, add animated effects and make each object pop, wedge, wipe, bounce, fly or flip. It’s that easy!

3. Science: Use animated assets

We know that animations don’t tend to use a lot of text, but in case you want to add some short phrases or words, why not animate your text? Having beautiful animated text can really hook your classmate’s attention and impress your teacher.

ere’s how to create animated text using OnlineVideoEditor:

Start by adding a word, phrase or sentence on the Stage. Make sure to change the font, size, and color to blend in with the rest of your video. Then, under your Timeline, select your text box and choose animations. From fading into flying in, choose an animation that works best and voila!

Get started

What are you waiting for? Get started on your animated video today. Not only will your teacher be impressed with your animated video, but your classmates will all be jumping for you to reveal your video secrets!

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